Guilty Pleasures: And I like this book why?

Have you ever found yourself liking a book with no idea why? I do it all the time. A couple of examples:

Enslaved by Virginia Henley

Georgian woman unimpressed with Georgian men dreams of medieval and Elizabethan men, touches a Roman helmet and is sent from Bath to Aquae Sulis in 61 A.D. Falls in love, goes to Rome and is killed in the Flavian Circus (the Colosseum). Instead of dying, comes back to Georgian Bath and falls in love with reincarnation of her Roman general, the Earl of Bath.

Sounds corny doesn’t it? But I like it!

One annoying aspect of the book is that the Flavian Circus did not exist in 61 A.D. Nero was the emperor, and the Circus was built by, well, the Flavians (i.e. Titus Flavius Vespasianus Senior and his two sons Titus and Domitian). At this time, Nero hasn’t even set the city on fire yet.

The Last Duke by Andrea Kane

Regency in which a pick pocket who spent part of his childhood in a workhouse and part on the streets, grows up to make lots of money, and get revenge on his noble father (a duke, BTW, who leaves this illegitimate son his title, with a few provisos) by becoming a Robin Hood-like thief known as Tin Cup Bandit.

Again, why I like this book, I don’t know. The writing isn’t all that great, and, in some places, the story is flat, but I find myself addicted to this book. I check it out at the library at least once every year!


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