Roman Dusk by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

This, the 19th volume in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s St. Germain Chronicles, is worlds better than the 18th, States of Grace. Due to complaints from bookstore owners about shelf space, States of Grace was hacked to pieces, sacrificing about 20,000 words, and half the plot. And it showed.

Roman Dusk, however, is a complete story. In this novel, we are shown a different aspect of our beloved Count, a rawer (if that’s the right word) version. There is a savagery here that is not apparent in his character in later (time period wise) novels, though this is often alluded to throughout the series.

I thought that too much time was spent on Melidulci and not enough on Doma Ignatia. Or, should I say, the Count’s relationships therewith? This is cliche, I know, but there was no real closure in the relationship, though I liked how things worked themselves out.

Overall, I liked this book well enough, but it lacks the emotional depth which the author can reach with these characters. For better examples of this, try: Darker Jewels or Mansions of Darkness. My personal favorite in the series is Better in the Dark.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars


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