Basketball In Shades of Blue

I am from North Carolina, and have a North Carolinian’s love of college basketball. In my fandom, I have come to notice that most of my favorite teams wear blue. This is strange because my favorite colors are green and purple, but true nonetheless.


My ultimate favorite! I have been a Duke fan since the 1991 championship. I was about 12 at the time, and, up to that point I’d been a Carolina fan. My parents liked the Heels, so I did too. Until that tournament. Ever since then, even during that horrendous season they had in 1997, I’ve loved my Devils. In fact, I’ve even managed to convert my niece.

North Carolina

Don’t get me wrong. I’m one of those rare Duke fans who still manages to like Carolina. Though I’m really happy when the Blue Devils beat them.


Oddly enough, I’ve liked Kentucky since that landmark game when they were defeated by Duke. You know the one. Grant Hill makes that baseball pass across the court, Latner catches, spins, shoots from the free-throw line, and score! Kentucky has been a fav ever since.


My favorite Cinderella who is no longer a Cinderella. Though I wish someone would tell that to the selection committee. Give them some respect.

Some favorites not in blue: Wake Forest (loved Childress and Duncan), Valparaiso (they wore that glass slipper well), and Arizona.


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