Looking at the set brackets and my own few predictions, it is clear that I am no doctor of the science.  Oh, I got the #1’s right, in the right order, even, but I went downhill from there.

The #2’s

Mine Theirs
Georgetown Georgetown
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Texas Memphis

Memphis?  Where did that come from?  Left field?  I’m still not sure I see it.  I also saw Florida State and North Carolina State getting in, the first as an 11, and the second as a 12 or 13.

Other Picks

Team Mine Theirs
Maryland 4 4
Virginia Tech 4 5
Duke 7 6
Georgia Tech 9 10
Kentucky 7 8
Virginia 8 4

Not bad, huh?  I was rather disappointed when Sacred Heart lost their conference championship because I saw them as an excellent Cinderella.  As it is, I think the glass slipper goes to Oral Roberts, Georgia Tech, or George Washington.

Sentimentally, I would like Duke to advance into the Sweet 16, but with the way they’ve been playing lately, plus their lack of depth, I doubt it.  If I went with emotion, Carolina would be my choice to win the whole thing, but I just don’t see it.

My Final Four

Florida (bummer)
Kansas (though UCLA wouldn’t surprise me, nor, for that matter, would Southern Illinois)
I want to say Virginia here, though I can’t explain why. More likely would be Texas A&M

The Championship Game will be Florida vs. Georgetown, and Georgetown, I think, will win.  As for the Women’s Tournament, Duke all the way!


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