My Spare Time

Obviously, I love to read and watch college basketball.  But what else?  Well, I like to putter around in my flower garden.  My roses have buds on them, the daisies are in bloom, and some of my lilies are coming up.  I know, I know, irises are in bloom now too, but I don’t really like them.  Love their color, just not the flower.

Becky’s Terragen AlbumOn my computer, here, I’ve discovered that I enjoy designing web pages, though, admitedly, I’m not very good.  Yet.  I also like playing around in Paint Shop Pro (PSP) and TerraGen.  Check out my album.

What else?  Let’s see.  Oh, I like music.  Celtic Woman, Mariah Carey, Aaron Copeland, The Goo Goo Dolls . . . my musical palate is eclectic.  However, I don’t like metal at all!  Opera, I like sometimes, though I prefer male singers.  For some reason, operatic sopranos just grate on my nerves.

Occassionally, I like to relax by playing games at Pogo.  I especially like Word Whomp, Whackdown, Canasta, Spades, and, for some reason, Dice City Roller.


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