74 Seaside Avenue by Debbie Macomber

I just love this series!  Last year, I picked up 16 Lighthouse Road at the library, just because it sounded interesting.  Just a few days later, I was back again and checked out the rest (6 Rainier Drive wasn’t out yet).

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  The Cedar Cove Series by Debbie Macomber (16 Lighthouse Road, 204 Rosewood Lane, 311 Pelican Court, 44 Cranberry Point, 50 Harbor Street, 6 Rainier Drive, 74 Seaside Avenue).  They are wonderful.

I just finished 74 Seaside Avenue, and, already, I’m looking forward to 8 Sandpiper Way (and 92 Pacific Boulevard).  Bobby beats Vladimir at his own game (literally and figuratively), James meets someone special, the Sheriff reconnects with an old friend, Olivia gets some bad news, Will returns to Cedar Cove, and Linnette leaves … and there’s much, much more!

Ms. Macomber gets extra kudos for slipping in Buffalo Valley, and letting us catch up with old friends. (where do you think Linnette ends up?).

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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