Scrappin’ and Reading

It’s been cold the last couple of days, for us, anyway, so when I wasn’t reading, I stayed at my computer and played around with some kits and other scrap goodies.

This is my grand-nephew, Daniel.  The Kit is “Laughter” from Melissa at Scrappy Expressions.


And this is his sister, Breeanna.  The kit is “Crystal Skies” by Raspberry Road, along with a few odd elements by the same artist.  I created it as part of a challenge at the Raspberry Road Yahoo Group.


As for the reading, I’ve been revisiting Pern.  I’m just finishing The Skies of Pern.  Also, I’ve raced through the first two trilogies of Kay Hooper’s Special Crimes Unit novels.  I just love them.  I figured out the whodunit, though not necessarily the why, in all but the last.  The solution to the mystery in Sense of Evil came out of left field.  It never even occurred to me.  And, I’ll admit, it took me until near the end to figure out Touching Evil.


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