Mudslinging: Comment From Atop My Soapbox

Okay, this is ridiculous! 

Not to mention, perhaps, a tad hypocritical in the case of the Clinton Campaign’s shot about Obama and cocaine.  I mean, this is the woman whose husband didn’t inhale, right?  The same husband out on the trail trying to drum up votes for her?  Try talking about the economy, a Clinton strong suit, and leave off the cheap insults.  Turn the conversation to Senator Obama’s lack of political and governing experience.

And let’s not forget the Mormon issue.  First, for me, personally, it’s not really an important issue.  Unless a candidate happens to believe we must all commit suicide next week because the apocalypse is coming, or something similar, I don’t think they’re religious beliefs are any of my business. 

Second, I wonder how many of these people who take pot shots at Mormonism have ever actually read the Book of Mormon? 

Anyway, Huckabee lost a few points with me over that “don’t they think Jesus and the Devil are brothers?” crack.  I think a person’s religion is a private thing between them and whatever god(s) and/or goddess(es) they believe in, however they decide to worship him/her/them.


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