Scrapworld Changes

There have been lots of changes going on in the world of digital scrapbooking.  First, the Raspberry Road Yahoo Group closed.  But, not to worry, Raspberry Road Designs is still open, along with a Creative Team blog, and a new forum.

Second, the Scrappy Expressions Yahoo Group closed.  And NOW, the blog is closing, too.  Not to fear, though, because Melissa is moving on to a new blog:



Now, as for my own scrapbook creations, as you may have noticed, there haven’t been any lately.  I’m sorry for that, but life does, occasionally, get in the way.  Hopefully, I’ll have something ready by Valentine’s Day.  Though don’t bet on it having anything to do with the holiday.

However, the stuff that I do have available to download have been made easier to find with my Scrapdex.  Everything has been categorized and linked to the relevant blog entry.

Also, recently, someone has emailed me asking about my Terms of Use.  I didn’t really have any, I was just doing this for fun.  But, since you have asked, you have received:  Scrap Terms of Use.  They’re really very simple.  You can do pretty much anything you like with my kits/elements/papers that isn’t illegal, immoral, presenting my creations as your own, and/or resulting in you making a profit.

BTW, and OT, isn’t it interesting that a blog such as this considers “blog” to not be an actual word?


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