Candy (Freebie)


Candy is a small tag kit, consisting of 6 papers, 1 frame, 1 ribbon, and a lollipop.  This is my first attempt at a ribbon-wrapped frame, so I hope I did it right.  The flower is there because I still haven’t quite figured out how to make a realistic bow.

A QP is also included in the zip file.  4shared and I have been having issues the last few days, but today, finally, I was allowed to upload this kit.

The download link:  Candy

Have fun!


Update 2/24/2015: I’ve gone through all of my links and deleted all of those for 4shared. My account there has been discontinued. Unfortunately, this means that many of my early kits are no longer available. If I can find the time, I may attempt to recreate and/or redo some of them.

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