Footnotes (Freebie)

I come from a family of biblioholics.  While I was growing up, my mother had shelves of books in our house.  The first books I actually remember reading, aside from things like Chicken Little and the Bearstein Bears, are Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books and the Anne of Green Gables novels.  I remember a time when I was in the fifth or sixth grade when I was obsessed with Robinson Crusoe and Johnny Tremaine.  I must have read them at least half-a-dozen times each.

My older sister reads,  as do her two younger children.  In fact, that book I’m supposed to be reading?  Island of the Sequined Love Nun?  Well, I’m not reading it at the moment because my nephew stole it.  He said it just sounded too weird, and he had to try it!  Which is why I checked it out from the library in the first place.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading a few Kathleen E. Woodiwiss favorites from my own shelves, and playing around in PSP.  One of the things I’ve made is this:  a tag kit for my fellow bookworms!


Last week, my niece brought me a bookmark from school.  She said that when she saw it, she thought of me immediately.  It says:  Reading is Life, the rest is just footnotes.  How well she knows me!

Footnotes includes 7 papers, 3 flowers, 3 frames, 2 index cards, 1 library book card, 1 sheet of notebook paper, 3 ribbons, and 3 word arts.

Download link:  Footnotes



Update 2/24/2015: I’ve gone through all of my links and deleted all of those for 4shared. My account there has been discontinued. Unfortunately, this means that many of my early kits are no longer available. If I can find the time, I may attempt to recreate and/or redo some of them.


5 thoughts on “Footnotes (Freebie)

  1. Thanks for this great kit. We’re also a biblioholic family. (I’ve been known to joke, yes, I’m a biblioholic, I’ve got a book that talks about it.) It only gets frustrating when we need to go somewhere and my seven year old starts reading instead of getting ready to go!


  2. Hi Becky,

    Thanks again for another great kit, some of my earliest reading memories were the Laura Ingalls Wilder series of books and I loved them too.


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