Hot Water . . .

. . . or not, as the case may be. 

Late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, my hot water heater started to hiss and the mirrors in my bathroom to fog up.  By 2 am it was a sauna in there.  And of, course, it was thundering, so I just flipped the breaker and crossed my fingers until it was late enough (or early enough, depending on how you looked at it) to call someone.

Luckily, my mother knows someone from her church who does this kind of thing, so she called him.  He looked at it, which I’m lucky he did on a Sunday, and turned it off.  That’s all he did, then, since Nature chose that moment to grant us another thunderstorm.

I gathered from what he said that it was, in a nutshell, boiling over.  Overheating.  There’s also a valve and some pipe that needs to be replaced.  So, we had to wait for him to get the necessary parts and for Mother Nature to cooperate.

Let’s just say that I’ve gained new appreciation for preindustrial societies who had to boil lots of water in order to take a bath.  No showers!  It is not an experience I wish to repeat anytime soon.


GA PATSY – Yes, the zip files contain the various papers and elements.  The jpgs are just the previews.


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