Bead It!

Thank you all very much for your lovely compliments.  I never knew beads would be so popular!  So, this little freebie is just that.  Beads.  Twenty-five beads in rainbow shades for y’all to play with.  A couple of them are grayscale.

The bead to the right is shown actual size.

Download link:  Bead It!


On a side note, and off topic, Senator Clinton paid a visit to Jacksonville yesterday.  That’s just a few hours down the road, depending on beach traffic.  Although I don’t like her on a personal level (after being humiliated on national and international television multiple times, I think she should have kicked Bill to the curb), I think she’s approaching North Carolina in a better way than Senator Obama is.  All of his commercials are cardboard.  Just general stuff with none tailored to us.  At least, none that I’ve actually seen, anyway.


Update 2/24/2015: I’ve gone through all of my links and deleted all of those for 4shared. My account there has been discontinued. Unfortunately, this means that many of my early kits are no longer available. If I can find the time, I may attempt to recreate and/or redo some of them.


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