Americana Cards

Hot, hot, hot.  This is ridiculous.  Temperatures are supposed to be in the eighties this time of year.  The thunderstorms haven’t gotten here, yet.  We’re expecting them around 1 am.

My niece’s graduation is on Saturday, and, of course, they are forecasting more thunderstorms.  Since graduation is in the morning, maybe we’ll get it in before the storms arrive.  Hopefully.  And, hopefully, I’ll have some new pictures to play around with.

Anyway, here’s another set of index cards, only these have exerpts from great American speeches and documents on them.  There are 7 cards, plus one blank:

  • 1 Give Me Liberty
  • 1 Declaration of Independence
  • 1 Constitution of the United States
  • 3 Gettysburg Address
  • 1 I Have a Dream

The fonts used are Freebooter Script and Stonehenge.

Download Link:  Americana Cards 


I’m thinking of doing some poetry cards.  We’ll see if I have time in the next few days.


Barb – Great Job!

Shell – I used four fonts.  On “love” I used the script font Rosa Morena which I got through fontshui, a Yahoo group that no longer exists.  I used Cherish as the script on the other definitions.  Cherish is a commercial font, which you can purchase here:  Rob Leuschke’s Alphabytes, Lettering, Typography, Calligraphy and Fonts.  The other two fonts are Arial Narrow on some of them, and Dream Orphans (freeware, Larabie Fonts) on others.


Update 2/24/2015: I’ve gone through all of my links and deleted all of those for 4shared. My account there has been discontinued. Unfortunately, this means that many of my early kits are no longer available. If I can find the time, I may attempt to recreate and/or redo some of them.


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