Smoke and Politics

Today was rather smokey.  The front cooled the temperatures at bit, though I’ve yet to see a thunderstorm, but the winds switched in such a way as to blow the smoke our way.  The fire has burned in Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington Counties for about a week, now:  Hyde County Fire Update – WNCT.  I’ve been told that people as far inland as Greensboro and Winston-Salem could smell it today.  For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of North Carolina, the counties in which the fire burns are on the sounds, whereas Greensboro and Winston-Salem are in the western Piedmont.

On an entirely different front, what is with the articles of impeachment?  Is the United States Congress suddenly finding itself with nothing else to do?  With wars on at least two fronts, higher gas and food prices, a week dollar, immigration, Social Security, etc, you’d think they would have enough to keep themselves busy for decades.  But, no.  They waste their valuable time, not to mention our money and our time, attempting to impeach a president who won’t be president, anyway, in less than a year.  

I don’t like George W. Bush, and I think many of his actions are against International Law, though I’m sure you could argue whether or not they are, technically, unconstitutional since many of them took place outside our borders, but come on.  We’ll be rid of him in January.  Why waste money and time when he’ll be gone in January?  Instead, try working on alternative fuels, fixing Social Security, strengthening the economy, healing foreign relations, financing the wars and our troops, finding ways to improve agricultural policy so that our farmers can actually choose to grow something other than corn and soybeans and have a place to sell it.  I’m sure there’s a long list of other problems on the Congressional To Do List that would be a better use of our money than George W. Bush.


One thought on “Smoke and Politics

  1. * wars on at least two fronts
    * higher gas and food prices
    * a weak dollar
    * immigration
    * Social Security
    * etc

    That’s WHY they are wasting time on GWB. Not because they hold him responsible (though so do) but because they can’t do any better (and in some cases would do worse) on the above topics. It’s a diversionary tactic to keep us from noticing that NONE of the presidential candidates are neither qualified, nor willing, to do anything about our real issues. Come November, can we vote for “None of the above”?


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