The Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose

I enjoyed this book very much, and it provided me with plenty of food for thought. 

Personally, I’ve never actually had a past-life regression experience.  At least, none that I’ve been conscious of being such.  Like everyone, I’ve had moments of deja vu, but a good many of those pertain to things that have happened in this life, not in one past.  Having said that, the subject, and the possibilities therein, fascinates me (see Reading and Reincarnation). 

In The Reincarnationist, Josh Ryder begins to experience “lurches” during which he is mentally transported to a past life (mostly in late 4th century Rome, but also in 19th century New York) after nearly being killing during a suicide bombing in Rome.  Desperate for answers, he goes to the Phoenix Foundation, a group dedicated to helping children deal with past-life regression.  Ordinarily, the Foundation doesn’t work with adults, but Josh knows things about them through his flashes that no one else knows. 

Meanwhile, in Rome, two archaeologists discover the tomb of a Vestal Virgin, complete with the skeleton, which was holding a mysterious box containing six gemstones with odd inscriptions.  Possibly the legendary Memory Stones.  The Stones, if used correctly, can help people remember their past lives, and see their future ones.  For centuries, people have searched for the Memory Stones, some of them desperate enough to kill.  It is up to Josh to save a life, and to find/save the Stones.

This was a wonderful, fast paced read.  Though I figured out the whodunit fairly early in the book, watching Josh try to piece together his past with his present kept me interested and entertained.  I highly recommend it.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Also, if you are interested, there is  a companion website:  The Reincarnationist.


To all who sent my niece happy birthday wishes, she says thank you.  And so do I.


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