No Choice But Seduction by Johanna Lindsey

I was a bit wary when I picked up this latest installment in Ms. Lindsey’s Mallory series.   The last one was so bad, I don’t believe I ever finished it.

This is actually a fairly entertaining book with interesting sub-plots and the usual vividness of the Mallory clan.  However, it also contains one of the most ridiculous romance plots I have ever read.  And that’s saying something.

I was interested in the kidnapping plot (not the heroine, if you can believe it in a Lindsey novel!), riveted by Katey’s family (the ones she knows about and the ones she doesn’t), but the whole romance between Katey and Boyd was just stupid.  Sure, they saw each other and it was instant lust, but I saw no plausible reason for them to fall in love. 

Katey was forever accusing Boyd of not listening to her, not believing her, and I kept thinking:  Why would he?.  She herself says she tells minor fabrications and embellishes things, supposedly to spice up dull lives.  And half the time he wasn’t thinking anyway because he was too busy droolling over her bosom.

Aside from the hero and the heroine, this book is filled with layers and the wonderful familiarity of the Mallorys.  If you love this family as much as I, check No Choice But Seduction out from your library, if not then I would avoid it.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars (the romance itself would get a single star)


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