In the Aftermath of the Nameless Storm…

Well, during the storm, it rained cats and dogs.  At times it was like a solid wall of water was gushing from the clouds.  The wind wasn’t that much of a factor as the storm got closer and came ashore.  It was windy for two or three days, rainy for two days, only one of which were the same day.  There were only two tornadoes.  All in all, not that bad, though, ironically, it caused more damage than Hannah in some places.  Just not here.  The lights did not go out here, and the tree in the backyard decided to fore go this opportunity for copious shedding.

Anyway, I seem to have caught a summer cold and continue to feel rather blah.  I have a Halloween themed kit in the works which I’ll finish when I feel better.  Translation:  probably some time next week.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how to do something in PSP similar to Photoshop’s satin style?


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