Atonement: The Movie

I read this book a few months ago, and thought the first portion of the book to be rather slow, despite the fact the it occurred during a single day.  This is what I said (to read the entire review, go here):

… part one occurred in a single day, but the the style of writing gave the impression that it was actually longer.  Ironically, this is what makes me want to see the movie.  Without the plodding language, and with the help of music and editing, the movie should be an improvement in this regard.  Please don’t tell me if it isn’t, let me have my delusions.

Well, the movie was “an improvement in this regard”, but in no other way.  I thought, in fact, that parts of it were incoherent (and in-cohesive).  If I hadn’t read the book, I can’t help but wonder if I’d have known what went on the first fifteen minutes or so.  Of course, that is the nature of the adolescent, and preadolescent, mind.  The time in our lives when 2 + 2 can equal 15 just as easily and often as it equals 4.  But, still …

The second portion of the movie, though, was excellent.  I was completely absorbed, to the exasperation of my cat.  🙂

Personally, I believe the book and the movie can be rated about the same, entertainment-wise, with a slight edge to the book.  It might be plodding in the beginning, but at least I know what’s what.


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