On a purely superficial, entertainment, level, I very much enjoyed this movie.  However, on an historical basis, I found myself confused by many things.

One, Jaguar Paw’s people.  Who were they?  I’m assuming they were Maya because of the language.  That leads to the next question:

Two, who were the invaders?  Well, since they sacrificed to Kukulkan, they, too, were obviously Maya.  But the great Maya cities were no longer great by the time the Spanish came.  The last of the great city-states, Mayapan, fell to civil strife in the mid-fifteenth century, about sixty years before Columbus arrived in 1502.  It seemed to me that Gibson was trying to transform the Maya into Aztecs.  I found that rather irritating.

Apocolypto is an excellent movie, on a purely entertainment level, and that’s why we watch movies, isn’t it?


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