Vibrant Spring

Good morning, y’all, on this cold and rather gloomy Friday the 13th.  Yesterday was my sister’s birthday.  Because I value life and limb, I won’t say which one!   🙂

After all the warmth we had over the weekend (insert a wistful sigh), I’m longing even more for spring.  Of course, spring also means bad boomers and annoyingly aggressive bumble bees, but you’ve got to take the bad with the good.

Well, in the spirit of all that, and with a bit of wishful thinking, I created this kit with cheerful, vibrant spring colors.

Vibrant Spring contains:

  • 11 papers
  •   1 alpha
  •   4 alpha ties
  •   4 bows
  •   1 zigzag stitched line
  •   1 cross stitched line
  •   4 curled ribbons
  •   5 flowers
  •   8 frames
  •   3 doodle dots
  •   4 string doodles
  •   6 journal strips
  •   1 leaf
  •   5 ric rac ribbons
  •   1 color swatch


The font used for the alpha/numbers is Boring Showers from Kevin and Amanda.

Download:  Vibrant Spring


6 thoughts on “Vibrant Spring

  1. Thank you for sharing….the colors are perfect for spring and your talents are greatly appreciated. Look forward to seeing what’s next xoxox


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