Not a Cinderella Year

The glass slipper might as well stay in the box, because it doesn’t look like they’ll need it this year.  Out of the field of 65 teams, the closest one I see to being a Cinderella is Virginia Commonwealth University, and that is only if they can beat Villanova in Philadelphia.  This is a sad thing.  What’s a NCAA Basketball Tournament if there’s no Cinderella, no underdog to cheer for?  It’s why the tournament is so popular.  Truth be told, I’m rather hoping North Dakota State will turn out to be a Cinderella.  I don’t actually expect it, but it would be rather nice.

Speaking of Cinderellas, though.  How come Davidson didn’t get an at large bid?  Look how far they went in the tournament last year.  They’ve still got the totally awesome Stephen Curry, who, in my humble opinion deserves the Naismith Award.

And how does Memphis not get a #1 seed?  Of the four number ones, Louisville is the only one to win their conference tournament.  Memphis not only won the Conference USA Tournament, they went undefeated in that conference for the second year in a row!  I think that deserves some respect even if Conference USA doesn’t have as many big guns as the Big East and the ACC.

Potential first round upsets:

  • North Dakota State over Kansas.  Look at margin by which Baylor beat Kansas in the Big 12 Tournament.
  • VCU over UCLA, though I’m not sure that would really be an upset.
  • Western Kentucky over Illinois.
  • I think the Southern Cal./Boston College match-up will be an interesting one.  There’s a possible upset there, but it’s too close to call.

Here’s to all the underdogs.  What’s the fun in watching the tournament without the magic of the glass slipper?


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