Ghetto Goth QPs

Spring is finally here!  At least, that’s what my calendar says.  I think someone forgot to inform Mother Nature, though.  Ironically, we were in the seventies yesterday, the last day of winter, while today will only be in the fifties.

Well, anyway, here’s the promised freebie:   7 800 x 800 pixel QuickPages.

If you can believe it, they were actually inspired by a pair of jeans.  The jeans in question belong to my nephew, Travis.  They have rips and tears in them, as any pair of jeans do if they’re worn by any self-respecting sixteen-year-old boy.  But there are, also, all sorts of things drawn and written on them by him and his friends.  He’s also put safety-pins, key rings (the actual rings only), and electrical tape in the shape of crosses on them.  This style has been dubbed “ghetto goth,” hence the name of this freebie.



Download:  mediafire

The fonts used are:  Gothic Alarm ClockCeltiCon, and Paper Clip.

I got the brushes I used on the denim to get the rip effect from Obsidian Dawn.  These are Photoshop brushes, so, if you use PSP, download the image pack and export them as Custom Brushes.  Other brushes come from Touchstone Art.

The denim itself was made using this tutorial:  Kentucky Creations – Digital Denim.  Other helpful tutorials are:  CD-ROM – Cien’s PSP9 – Paint Shop Pro 9 Tutorials and Resources and Safety Pin Tutorial.


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