Imagination Brag Book

Have ya’ll seen the KFC commercial with the woman talking about how fresh the chicken is?  It annoys me every time I see it.  “How do I know all this?”  She asks.  “I’m the cook here.  There’s one of us in every KFC.”  No!  Cooks?  At restaurants?  Really?  I’d have never known if she hadn’t told me.

And that Mrs. Paul’s one with the little girl talking about minced fish.  That child can’t be more than three years old, four at the most.  I have never met a kid that young who even knew what the word minced meant.  And that part:  “Have you ever caught a minced fish?”  Well, ummm, no, but I’ve never caught a filleted one, either.  It just irritates me.

Anyway …

Here’s a brag book I created with my Imagination kit.  There are 6 pages, plus a first page.


Download:  mediafire

2 thoughts on “Imagination Brag Book

  1. thanks for the freebies!

    i must tell you that my husband had the same reaction to the KFC commercial the first time we saw it! lol! and that Mrs. Pauls commercial irritates me too!


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