Fool by Christopher Moore

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m one of those who had to fight off the urge to go pick up a copy of King Lear while reading this book.  Not, mind you, to refresh my memory as to any incidents of tree shagging.  🙂  Just, well, because, I guess.

Fool is a hilarious poke at the tragedies of Shakespeare.  I chuckled, giggled, chortled, and snorted my way through most of the book, and just about died laughing during the trial for shagging Regan. 

Some of the book, which I guess was supposed to be mysterious, was really worshipping at the shrine of St. Obvious, to use one of Moore’s phrases.  The identity of the anchoress of Dog Snogging, for example. 

And don’t you just love Moore’s imaginary geography, by the way?

Kudos must be given for the appearance of the witches from Macbeth, my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays.  I must say, though, that was rather disappointed by the absence of Puck.  Yes, I know that was a comedy, but can you not imagine the mayhem that would come of a meeting between Pocket and Puck?

Fool is yet another example of Christopher Moore’s genius for off-kilter hilarity.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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