I Got Pictures … and Layouts

I finally got me some pictures to play with.  My niece sent us some pictures of her kids, Breeanna, Daniel, and Kaylee, as well as my sister’s son, Brady.  Not the same sister, mind you.  Also, my oldest nephew’s (her brother) senior pictures came in yesterday.  So, I’ve had lots and lots of fun playing around in PSP today.

Let’s start with the babies, shall we.  Danny’s 2, Kaylee 7 months, and Brady almost 2 months.  I used Miss Erin‘s “It’s Your Day” Freebie to create this layout.  Nobody’s birthday, I just liked the colors.


Next, is Bree.  For her, I used a blog train freebie from ValerieN Designs.


Now for Travis:


Above:  I used papers from my Apparition kit (dyed purple) and Celtic Accents.  The poem, Rudyard Kipling’s If, is one of his favorites.

Below:  Here, he is posed with his beloved guitar.  And remember those “ghetto goth” jeans?  Well, he’s wearing them.  Again, I used one of my Celtic Accents, and the tears and rips in the denim were created using brushes by Obsidian Dawn.



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