Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet by Xinran

This book fascinated me not so much because of the “epic love story”, but because of Tibet.  Tibet and its culture are enthralling.  Every little tidbit of information given about this mysterious land intrigued me more.  Like the thirteen sacred mountains.  Why just thirteen?  I know that the number thirteen is sacred to many cultures both ancient and modern, but is it sacred in Tibet, and, if so, why?  And why those particular mountains out of the thousands in Tibet?  

I was also interested in family life, courtship rituals, and the many different groups (are they tribes?) in Tibet.  What are their similarities and their differences?  Their relations with each other?

As for the love story of Wen and Kejun, I must say that when I wasn’t fascinated by the scenery, I was actually more interested in Zhouma and Tiananmen.  Don’t get me wrong, what Kejun did was extremely brave and honorable, but I sometimes wondered about Wen’s intelligence.  When the Liberation Army found Zhouma, for instance, and she gave that little lecture about mutual hate and the reasons for it.  That could have gotten her shot, but she didn’t seem to realize it.

Does anyone know of any good books about Tibet?  I’d love to read more about it, and I plan to read Xinran’s other book, The Good Women of ChinaSky Burial is an enthralling read that I highly recommend.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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