Lover Mine by J. R. Ward

WARNING!  WARNING!  SPOILER ALERT!  SPOILER ALERT!:  There are a lot of spoilers in this review

I’ve been looking forward to this book for a year, and I’m looking forward to the next one even more.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood is awesome.  And wonderfully addictive.  I have so many thoughts and feelings about what went down in Lover Mine.  Here are just a few of them: 

  1. I don’t like Saxton.  Something about him rubs me the wrong way.  Whether or not his attitude was a front, it was irritating.  I mean, the way he called Blay to tell him what to wear on their date.  Did he do it just to make sure that Blay was actually coming?  Probably, but still, he ordered for him at the restaurant. The fact that he got beat up by a human was so unbelievable that I wondered if it was a ploy.  But, given his injuries, and the sub-plot about the effects of inbreeding on the race, I wonder if there’s something physically wrong with Saxton’s heart.  He was wheezing when he talked with Blay on the phone, and there’s been a lot of mention about the vampires’ six chamber heart.  It could have been caused by his injuries, I know, but I can’t help but wonder.  That there’s something emotionally wrong  is certain. My take on Saxton is that he’s Qhuinn with polish.  Qhuinn has been shunned by the glymera because of his mismatched eyes, Saxton for being gay.  Both of them, if I’m right, have defects due to inbreeding.  While Qhuinn’s defect is on the outside, Saxton’s  is on the inside.  If, as I said before, I’m right in my speculation about Saxton.  Emotionally, they both use sexual promiscuity as a front.  Qhuinn calling Saxton a slut was a huge case of the pot calling the kettle black. 
  2. That all being said about Saxton, I’m jazzed that Blay finally has someone who is attracted to him and shows it.  He needs this.  Qhuinn is the king of all hypocrites.  Not only because of the slut thing, but he’s all angry and hurt because Blay is finally getting some and, yet, he does it every opportunity he gets.   I mean, even considering getting it on with Layla in Blay’s bed was beyond cruel, yet, he doesn’t seem to realize this.  Qhuinn really needs to grow up and buy a one way ticket out of Me-ville to be worthy of Blay.
  3. And, speaking of Layla.  I know the Chosen are cloistered and innocent, but shouldn’t an ehros know the difference between lust and love?  And that one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other. 
  4. Murhder is a creepy rat bastard.  What he did to Holly is unforgivable.  To me, it was like using the date rape drug.  In previous books, I was intrigued by this Brother, but I’m not anymore. 
  5. The whole Payne storyline is excellent.  Wonderfully well written.  Her love for Vishous just jumps off the page.  That last scene with two of them was just gorgeous.  Simple, yet it said so much.

There are many things revealed in this book, such as the identity of No’one, but it also brings up more questions.  How will Murhder return, and, more importantly, why.  How will Vishous react to Manny’s relationship with Payne?  For that matter, how will his own relationship with her evolve?  What will Phury’s reaction be when he finds out what Layla’s been up to?  How will his friendship with Payne effect Wrath’s friendship with Vishous?  I want to know more about the Shadows, and we all know that Lash ain’t really dead.  That was too easy.  It’s going to be a loooooong wait until April!

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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