Summer Eve

Back in May, I was sitting on my porch, looking at my flowers, and was struck by the interesting contrast in their colors.  I have two rose bushes, a pink one and a red one, and some orange daisies, all of which were in bloom.  I’ve been playing with stuff for this kit since then.  First, the papers and the frames, then I began to work with lace.

I found this wonderful tutorial for GIMP and just had to try it:  How to Generate Realistic Mass Waterdrops on a Surface.  So, three of the flowers have been rained on.

The final touch was the ribbon flowers.  I saw a tutorial on a blog, don’t remember which one, on how to make them for normal scrapbooks and wondered if I could make them digitally.  They turned out rather well, I think.

Summer Eve contains:

  • 9 papers
  • 10 labels
  • 7 lace flowers
  • 6 flowers
  • 6 frames
  • 5 glitter tiles
  • 4 pleated ribbons
  • 4 ribbon flowers
  • 2 lace ribbons
  • 1 set of alpha beads (lowercase letters only)

Download:  mediafire


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