Only Imagine…

This is a bright, fun kit for all of those dreamy, magical moments of childhood.  Chasing butterflies and fireflies.  Making wishes on clouds of dandelion seeds.  Blowing bubbles.  For those moments of wide-eyed awe and smiling wonder.

Only Imagine contains:

  • 15 papers
  • 18 labels
  • 11 frames
  • 6 fairy lights
  • 6 flowers
  • 6 butterflies
  • 6 dragonflies
  • 6 metal accents
  • 6 word art definitions
  • 6 glitter tiles
  • 4 mushrooms
  • 3 borders
  • 2 alphas (both have only lowercase letters as well as numbers and some symbols)

The font used for the alphas in Dinova, which you can get at  I was actually experimenting with the fillings, and decided I liked both.

Download:  mediafire


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