Only Imagine QPs and Extras

Here’s just a few extra elements I made for my Only Imagine kit, along with three quickpages.

The extras include:

  • 4 wordarts
  • 2 rainbows
  • 1 frames
  • 1 sheet waterdrops

The font used for the wordarts is Passions Conflict by Rob Leuschke.  You can purchase it from his website, Alphabytes.

Also, the waterdrops were made in GIMP.  This is a free image manipulation program that you can download here.  If you would like to create your own water drops, here is the tutorial:  How to generate realistic mass waterdrops on a surface.

Download Extra Elements:  mediafire

Download QPs:  mediafire

BTW, the mask used in the third QP is kris-33 by Ms. Kris.  You can download her masks at Paint Shop Stop.


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