Watching Earl

We are all watching Earl with wary eyes.  It’s been a while since we’ve been hit by a major hurricane, so we’re due.  Not to mention the very unscientific fact the storm’s name is Earl.  Hello, talk about destiny.  Earl coming to the South.  We started getting nervous the moment we saw the name.  🙂

The trouble is, the meteorologists don’t really know, yet, where exactly Earl is going.  The way one of our local guys explained it, the key is the cold front.  The one causing the Tornado  Watches in Minnesota last night.  If it gets down here in time, as it is forecasted to do, all we’ll get is some rain and tropical storm force winds.  If it doesn’t, then we’re in trouble.

Every time I see a forecast, it slides just a little more toward the west.  Toward land.  Toward us.  So, all we can do is watch and wait.  And get prepared to leave.


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