It’s a Beautiful Day!

Inspiration can come from the oddest things.  The color scheme for this kit was inspired by a cat toy, of all things.  My cats have this cloth mouse that’s pink with yellow polka dots, green ears, and a green tail.  I had to retrieve it from under the china cabinet yesterday, and it sparked off this idea.  More appropriate for spring, I know, but….

It’s a Beautiful Day contains:

  • 6 papers
  • 12 frames
  • 6 ribbons
  • 6 curled ribbons
  • 6 flowers
  • 3 butterflies
  • 3 leaves
  • 3 glitter tiles
  • 1 picket fence
  • 1 alpha (uppercase letters only; the font is Courier)

Download:  mediafire

Next week, I have some Halloween goodies to share!

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