Yes, another Halloween kit.  I’m getting all of these ideas this year, which probably means I won’t have any next year!  If that doesn’t come under Murphy’s Law, it should.

This one has more of a party theme with balloons, masks, and lots of pumpkins.  In fact, I came close to calling it Transylvania Twist, from the song “Monster Mash” (which I hate, by the way), but it seemed like a misnomer.  No vampires in this kit.  What Masquerade does have is lots of elegant, black lace elements.  The colors are pretty much the same as Invasion of the Candy Snatchers and Night of the Wandering Dead, so grab all three for one gigantic mega-kit.

Masquerade contains:

  • 10 papers
  • 8 frames
  • 6 curled ribbons
  • 6 lace ribbons (2 are scalloped and 1 is curled)
  • 6 flowers
  • 6 string flowers
  • 6 balloons
  • 6 glitter tiles
  • 3 masks
  • 24 buttons (12 threaded, 12 not)
  • 5 pumpkins
  • 1 or 2 alphas, depending on how you look at it (small caps, numbers, symbols, and lace large caps)

The font for the alpha is Franchise Bold.  You can download it at  Boingo, the font I used to make the bracket frames, can also be downloaded there.

Download:  mediafire


10 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. LoveLoveLove it! Dang, Woman, what DO they put in your water there?? SUCH creativity and productivity!! Thanks SO much for sharing your time & talent!! I’m seriously in awe! lol It was a happy day for me when I stumbled upon your blog(s)! (I’m an avid reader too.)

    I’ve been referring people here left & right, and I know everyone who’s checked it out so far is thrilled too!

    Thanks for bringing me a mid-week BIG GRIN!! (Life right now is a medical mess, so I take my grins where I can find ’em!)

    Sláinte ~ Kiki aka mcgaelicgal

    PS. Ooops…look at all those exclamation points…and me w/out my coffee yet! ;-p


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