Ren Faire

Forever and a day ago, I posted on this blog that I was working on a 2400 x 2400 pixel kit called Ren Faire, but I never posted it.  Why?  Because my computer, now a not so fond memory, ate it.  Not to mention, it took forever for it to process the commands I gave my graphics program.  It took something like 5 minutes to apply a simple drop shadow.  So, Ren Faire went on hold.  In fact, I nearly forgot about it.  Now, though, with the new computer, the lag time is nowhere near as bad, maybe 30 seconds.  A minute, max.  So, I tried it again.  It’s not much, I’ll admit, but, still…

Ren Faire contains:

  • 14 papers
  • 6 frames
  • 5 medieval roses (I was going for something similar to the roses of York and Lancaster)
  • 7 brads
  • 9 shields
  • 1 jousting lance
  • 1 quarter staff
  • 1 alpha (uppercase and lowercase letters only)

A lot of fonts went into making this kit.  For the alpha, I used Celtic MD Decorative with Drop Caps because I wanted a fancy, illuminated manuscript look for the capital letters.  It can be downloaded at  You can also get two of the fonts I used on the shields:  Mediaeval Bats and Medieval Dingbats.  I also used Heraldic and Christian Crosses on the shields.  You can get those here.  And CeltiCons and Celtic Patterns.

If any of you are interested in adding a knight in shining armor to your layouts, there is an excellent tutorial at Di’s Delights.

Download:  mediafire

I apologize for the number of zip files in the download, but I remember all too well what it was like to have dial-up.  It took something like 10 to 15 minutes to download a single file.  So, I try to break up my kits into several small downloads.  Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this causes for those with faster connections.


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