Men in Progress

It’s a rainy start to the day here, with thunderstorms to come later.  Hopefully, they won’t be as bad as they’ve been elsewhere.

After posting the very girly The Power of the Pink  a few days ago, I got a request for a more boyish kit.  I don’t know if this was what you had in mind, but when I think of boys that age, specifically, my nephew, I kept coming back to the odd bits I used to find in his pockets.  He’s eighteen now, but I still remember the nearly endless variety of stuff.  Boys collect the oddest things.  This is a kit filled with bits of random junk reminiscent of the contents of little boy pockets.  Generously, I did not include pieces of chewed up gum!

Men in Progress contains (not all shown in preview):

  • 15 papers
  • 1 alpha (upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)
  • 7 ric-rac
  • 8 frames
  • 7 glitter tiles
  • 7 chrome bits
  • 6 buttons
  • 4 bottle caps
  • 4 tab backs
  • 2 journal papers
  • 3 rivets
  • 1 staple
  • 1 piece of Scotch tape
  • 1 paperclip
  • 1 safety-pin
  • 1 flathead screw
  • 1 Phillip’s screw
  • 5 frayed patches
  • 1 denim pocket
  • 2 curled ribbons
  • 2 word arts
  • 1 sign
  • 3 marbles
  • 4 ticket stubs
  • 1 popsicle stick
  • 3 dog tags
  • 4 playing cards
  • 1 dog bone
  • 2 band aids
  • 2 iPod Nanos
  • 1 USB Stick

The font used for the alpha is Vanilla Boys.  Also used were:  Loki Cola, my type of font, 20,ooo Dollar Bail, Mudshake 83, Retro Rock Poster, and University High.  All of these can be downloaded from, with the exceptions of Loki Cola, which you can get here, and 20,000 Dollar Bail, from here.

I used a lot of tutorials for this one.  Some are Paint Shop Pro and some are Photoshop.  I don’t have Photoshop, so I adapted those for use in GIMP.

Download:  In dial-up friendly parts or the whole kit in a single file

Also for active boys, you might want to take a look at Tailwaters and The Old Tackle Box Collections at Raspberry Road Designs, and Lindsay Jane’s Techno Bytes.

17 thoughts on “Men in Progress

  1. TY!! I have been searching for a men’s/boys kit I can use with my friends older boys 13 to 8. They’re at that “stage” Not babies, but not too old.

    TYVVVVM!! D 🙂


  2. Hi, I want to thank you for this kit, it is one of the most wonderful boy kits I have seen. I was wondering if you have any Layouts(LO’s) for this kit yet and if so will you let me see them.


    1. You’re welcome!

      No, I don’t have any LOs, yet. I may dig through some old photos of my nephew and play around with it. My other two nephews aren’t even in school yet. Danny (technically my great-nephew), is three, and Brady is one.



  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. The boys in my family are all getting older and don’t want baby or cute things and this kit cover so much more for the older boys. Thanks again for sharing your talent. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Thank you!! I have 2 boys and a girl, and have lots of “girl” kits but its always a challenge finding “boy” ones. This looks great can’t wait to use it!


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