Enchanted Summer and Summer Days

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything scrappy.  Well, last month, I finally started doodling again.  Just experimenting with different color schemes and seeing what came of it.  The results are two summer kits:  Enchanted Summer and Summer Days.  I’d planned to post these in time for iNSD, but Mother Nature interfered.  We had a thunderstorm come through that morning and lightning fried my ethernet card.  The computer itself was fine.  Only the ethernet card was affected.  It also took the living room television, one of the telephones, and the Wii out of commission.  So, anyway, after replacing the card, I can now wish all of you a belated iNSD and give y’all your presents.

Enchanted Summer contains:

  • 15 papers
  • 10 flowers
  • 24 sequins
  • 6 frames
  • 6 glitter tiles
  • 6 shrooms
  • 4 butterflies
  • 4 dragonflies
  • 2 alphas (both are lowercase only)

Download:  In Parts or In Full


Summer Days contains:

  • 9 papers
  • 14 frames
  • 10 buttons
  • 5 stitched stars
  • 5 glitter tiles
  • 5 arrows
  • 4 doodles
  • 2 hot air balloons
  • 2 alphas (one lowercase letters only, the other both upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)
  • 2 beach balls
  • 2 curled ribbons
  • 1 pool

Download:  mediafire


15 thoughts on “Enchanted Summer and Summer Days

  1. thank you so much for the beautiful kits. so sorry to hear about your appliances, but glad to know that you and yours are okay. the U.S. has been going through some crazy weather lately!


  2. So glad you’re back! Glad you all are OK after the storms and your damage was only minor. Thank you so much for your wondderful freebies.


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