A Thousand Stars

First, today is my mother’s birthday, so:  Happy Birthday, Mom!

Second, I have a new kit for you.  A Thousand Stars is a kit in shades of blue and purple, with lots of stars, glitter, and sparkle.

A Thousand Stars contains:

  • 14 papers
  • 16 frames
  • 16 glitter stars
  • 30 sparkle stars
  • 7 gel stars
  • 7 liquid metal stars
  • 7 constellations
  • 8 sparkle clusters
  • 8 sequins
  • 8 glitter tiles
  • 4 scalloped borders
  • 3 curled ribbons
  • 1 magic wand
  • 3 alphas (The silver glitter alpha and the constellation alpha both have upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.  The third alpha is lowercase letters only)

Here’s a better look at the “constellations” and the constellation alpha:

The glitter alpha was created using the font Gabriola.  This is a Microsoft font.  If you don’t already have it with Windows, you can download it here.  The font used for the constellation alpha is Lovers Quarrel by Rob Leuschke.  A lot of my favorite script fonts are creations of his.  This is a commercial font.  You can purchase it here as well as at other places.  Alpha number three uses Dinova Black, which you can download from dafont.com.

Download:  mediafire

16 thoughts on “A Thousand Stars

  1. Used these elements {okay one sheet of paper and the silver glitter} to create my ‘winners’ graphic. The post with these graphics will go up on my site at 10 am today.


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