Spring Back

With this new kit, I went on a bit of a bird kick, and, after drawing the birds, I decided to draw a bird bath.  I’m not completely satisfied with either attempt (the bird baths), but I’ll keep trying.  Anyway, all of this stuff about birds put me into a springtime frame of mind, so this kit takes us back to spring.

Spring Back contains:

  • 10 papers
  • 10 heart jewels
  • 10 doodles
  • 8 flowers
  • 9 frames
  • 5 sequins
  • 5 glitter tiles
  • 5 birds
  • 2  bird baths
  • 4 beads
  • 3 curled ribbons
  • 1 banner
  • 1 alpha (upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)

The alpha was made using the font Dinova Black, and the doodles with Aierbazzi Regular.  Both can be downloaded from dafont.com.

Also, in making the circular frames, I used some glitter brushes from Obsidian Dawn.  Lots of awesome stuff there.

Download:  In Parts or In Full


15 thoughts on “Spring Back

  1. I don’t know why you aren’t satisfied?I think its wonderful! I wish I could design. But at least people who have your capabilities are sweet enough to share, Thank you for you kindness and I tell you what I will be more than glad to take anything you don’t like off your hands LOL.


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