Bitch Slapped: My Irene Pictures

Irene was a bitch and she slapped us hard.  We started getting rain bands Friday afternoon, the stead rain starting in the evening and continuing into Saturday night, with maybe one or two breaks.  The wind, however, shrieked, moaned, groaned, howled, whistled, and roared the whole time. It didn’t stop until almost midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I took a few pictures during the storm, but only one came out clear enough to see what was going on.  This one was taken about 7 AM Saturday morning:

I had to take the picture from inside the house because the wind was blowing so hard.  Look at the water in the yard.  It rained for hours after this, so imagine what it looked like later.  The ditch beyond those bushes overflowed, as did all of the others in the neighborhood.  By noon the street looked like a river.

These next photos are of the aftermath in my own yard.  Luckily, neither of my trees went down, but they lost lots of limbs.  The first is my deck, which I took from the inside, the others I took outside.

In the photo above, that limb broke the window.  I couldn’t get any closer because of the glass.

And here is the reason I didn’t have electricity for so long.  The top of that pole snapped off.

Here’s hoping that Katia stays away.  Though, from the looks of it right now, that’s wishful thinking.


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