Gone away, Gone ahead …

As the lost weyrs began their long journey between, so too has their creator.  I’ve just learned of the death of Anne McCaffrey.  For a moment, all I felt was shock, then surprise to realize that I’d teared up.  Now, I feel a deep sadness.  In my head, I can almost hear the mournful bugles of the thousands of dragons on Pern, one of my favorite places to visit.  I first journeyed there when I was around ten-years-old, along with the original colonists in Dragonsdawn.  But I fell in love with the planet, and dragonkind, in The White Dragon.  I wanted Ruth so bad.  Still do, actually.  I couldn’t decide which would be more fun, flying a-dragonback with Ruth and Jaxom, or traipsing through Southern jungles with Peimur, Farli, and Stupid.  Now, I’m over thirty, and I still feel that thrill of anticipation whenever I embark for Pern.

We will all miss her.

My sincere condolences go out to her family.

2 thoughts on “Gone away, Gone ahead …

  1. LJN

    What wonderful worlds she created! I love a visit to Pern, through the written word and audiobooks, but I hadn’t known she passed away. Hopefully, her son will keep those amazing places alive.



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