Wonder what Kentucky’s loss, not to mention those of Syracuse and Kansas, will do to the pairings?

Well, it looks like it didn’t do anything to them except get Michigan St. a number 1 seed.  I kind of figured that the winner of the Michigan St. vs. Ohio St. game would get the 4th number 1 seed, but I’m surprised that they gave the third one to Carolina and not Missouri.  Also, Murray St. should definitely have gotten a higher seed.  Lots of interesting match-ups.  Florida St. has proven that they can give any team a run for their money, and Murray St. vs. Marquette would be awesome.


2 thoughts on “Brackets

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful freebie! You’re very generous.

    Speaking of the NCAA tourney, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Kentucky fan! Go Big Blue! I don’t know why everybody is on Calipari. He hates that the players only stay one year but he says you have to try and get the best team you can and stay within the rules. So one-and-dones are what you get. He says the NBA will have to change their rules before anything can be done about keeping players. Anyway, I’m sorry your Duke lost. Give Ky. a yell if you’re so inclined! LOL


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