A Peek at Coming Attractions

Here’s a look at the next three freebies:

The one on the bottom is the brag kit I’m posting iNSD.  It comes with an add-on that isn’t shown.  And, since it is for iNSD, and everything, the kit and the add-on will be posted on the same day.  No waiting!  🙂

Now, which of the other two kits do y’all want this week?  They’re both my usual 800 x 800 pixels.  Whichever one you choose will probably go up on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “A Peek at Coming Attractions

  1. Either one would be great. Can’t pick a favorite this time. Love the butterfly but also the cute little bird. Looking forward to the brag kit. Thank you!


  2. Hmmm…. I love the one on the bottom, I can’t wait until iNSD! It’s always an awesome freebie day! (My external hard drive gets a workout that day for sure! ;))
    But for this week? I think I’m gonna have to go with the one on the right! 🙂


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