Imaginary Realms

Happy iNSD, everyone.  Hope y’all are ready to take advantage of all the awesome freebies.  I know I am.

I’m posting this so early, today, because not only is it National Scrapbooking Day, it’s also the day my niece, Jacqie, graduates summa cum laude.  Congratulations, Jac.  We’re all so proud of you.  Just had to get in that little bit of bragging.  🙂

Back to iNSD:  my gift for you today is a brag kit dedicated to the wide and varied places in the childhood imagination.  Imaginary Realms filled with pirates, cowboys, outlaws, and space invaders.

Imaginary Realms contains:

  • 17 papers
  • 19 dialog boxes
  • 12 flowers
  • 10 frames
  • 12 stars
  • 6 buttons
  • 6 sequins
  • 5 glitter tiles
  • 6 circles
  • 3 curled ribbons
  • 2 pirate flags
  • 1 pirate hat
  • 1 treasure chest
  • 1 treasure map
  • 1 sheriff star
  • 1 wanted poster
  • 4 copper rivets (like on jeans)
  • 3 light sabers
  • 2 UFOs
  • 1 beam
  • 1 alien
  • 1 alpha (upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)

And a bonus pack of 6 gorgeous space themed papers!

I used lots of awesome tutorials for this one:

The alpha was created using the font Oh {Photo} Shoot! from Kevin and Amanda.  Where Stars Shine the Brightest by Brittney Murphy is the font in the dialog boxes.  You can get it at  Other fonts used in making this kit include:  Pirates PW by Intellecta Design, Space Station Hokuspokus by Manfred Klein, and Black Sam’s Gold by Redruth’s Basement Software.  The first two you can get at, and the last from Search Free Fonts.

Download:  In Parts or In Full (I should warn that the full download is over 80 MB)

For the nth time, 4shared will not allow me to upload something.  How would you guys feel about me ditching it?  Everything already there, would remain, but nothing new would be uploaded there.


25 thoughts on “Imaginary Realms

  1. I agree with you on 4shared. It’s just full of issues. It’s giving a lot of designers a hard time uploading, and requiring almost everyone to sign in before they can download something. Have you thought to try
    Thanks again for this amazing kit…. I see a lot of fun with it in my future! 😉


    1. You’re welcome, Stephanie.

      I have considered They’re easy to use for everyone involved, and there is no captcha. I loathe captcha with a passion. 🙂 However, they only allow 5GB for free storage. Also, I don’t know if they’ve changed this since the last time I looked into them, but they also have a file size limit. Usually not a problem for me, but it’s always a consideration.



  2. Your kits are awesome, thank you so much for sharing. I noticed on this one that there is no Elements-02 in the download. Was that intentional or is it missing?


  3. Thanks so much for this great freebie! What a nice surprise! I was wondering if there is supposed to be an elements 2 file because the files go from elements 1 to elements 3?

    I can’ wait to play with it. :}


  4. What a great kit – as usual! Thank you so very much!
    And about 4shared… personally hate them and avoid using them whenever possible! (: I, for one, would not be sad about you getting rid of 4shared for good! 😉
    Again, thank you for a great kit!


  5. Hi Sweetie, I just went through your whole site back to 2008 and grabbed all of your wonderful kits. Thanks so much!
    Hugs, Ellie


  6. Great kit but there is no proper security with the download. It is ridden with pop ups and my Internet Security warning came up as soon as I arrived to download the papers!


  7. Wanted to say THANK YOU for the freebie. Really like it!
    Also wanted to let you know that I got a warning message that the Full download is “Blocked”. I was able to use the individual links and got all zips except for the elements 5 zip – I get the same blocked message on that.


  8. you are so kind to offer this, the papers are so neat! and i greatly appreciate those who go to the effort to make things themselves. so cool! thanks so much 🙂


  9. This looks like a really great kit, but I can’t download it because Media Fire says its a bad link.
    Boo Hoo. And I just found you and have been downloading some. Guess I am too late.


  10. I just found your great site and I had to download the indiviual pieces because Mediafire took down the full kit I noticed the there are no element 5 to download?


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