Thanks, but, I think I’ll just go ahead and die!

Could Cyborg Cockroaches Save Your Life?.

Death, or being crawled on by remote control cockroach?  Lemme think.


I’d choose death every single time.  Can’t stand roaches.



2 thoughts on “Thanks, but, I think I’ll just go ahead and die!

  1. Sorry to leave a comment here, i do hope you check it as i couldn’t find no other place to contact you at. I was in the mood to make a cluster frame, (incase you don’t know the term) Where people make a frame out of a scrapkit and share it as a freebie. in which your lovely kits are free anyways. So like i was saying i was in a mood i opened my kit folder and your “A little Pizzazz” kit stuck out to me, Are we allowed to make cluster frames with your kits? All credit goes to you for making the scrapkit, and Yes i already made the frame in advanced but i’m asking permission to post it on my blog, i have a preview all ready it shows your scrapkit and the frame i made in the preview. there then will be a link to download ONLY the cluster frame, your kit is only in the preview, and i can also leave a link to your website too.. I really hope you allow this because the frame came out so beautiful, with the help of your awesome kit. you can email me at or you can leave a comment on my chat box on my blog or comment back on my comment lol, love to hear back from you


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