Mediafire Problem and Terms Clarification

I’m sorry for the long silence.  It certainly wasn’t intentional.  Don’t worry, I’m still playing around in PSP, and I actually have a few projects going.  I have no idea when, or if, any of them will be finished, but I’ll post them when/if they are.

A couple of things have come to my attention concerning my kits:

First, apparently one or more of the elements in my kit Imaginary Realms has violated Mediafire’s terms of use.  I’m not sure how, since I drew all of the items in that particular folder, ironically, the one with all of the pirate items, or used free fonts.  So, apparently, the Elements-05 folder no longer exists on Mediafire, and I now have strikes against my account.  The all in one download folder for that kit was also deleted.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

And, second, I’ve received some questions about whether or not it’s okay for y’all to created wordarts and cluster frames with my kits and post them for download from your own blog.  The answer is yes, you may.  I don’t see this as much different than making signature tags for download.  So, as long as you say in your post, and, preferably, on your preview, that the item was made with a kit from imagic reflections, and post a link (either to the post for that kit, or the main page), then go right ahead.  All such items must be available for free.  COMMERCIAL USE IS NOT ALLOWED.  I would make an exception for charity.  It’s free advertising, in my opinion.  Like having a CT without going through the hassle of forming and maintaining one.


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