Hi, y’all.  Long time, no scrap.  But, today, I finally have a new freebie for you to download.  Refreshed is all about rainy days.  Rather apropos, since it’s been raining all night, and will continue to do so for the rest of the day.  This kit makes me think of spring.  In fact, I actually started making it last spring.  I was inspired by the Deck the Halls Colour Challenge last May over at Digital Scrapbook Place.  After saving the palette, I started experimenting and doodling, but nothing really seemed to work right.  Nothing “jelled”.  So, I put it away for awhile.  This happened a few times, until I brought it back out a few weeks ago.  Everything finally started coming together.  I changed the colors some.  Darkened a few, added saturation to others, and so on.  Here’s the result.

Refreshed contains:

  • 21 papers
  • 21 flowers
  • 16 frames
  • 8 labels
  • 2 rain layers
  • 3 dragonflies
  • 1 rainbow
  • 4 sets of falling raindrops
  • 4 ric-rac
  • 3 scalloped edges
  • 7 sequins
  • 8 glitter tiles
  • 5 clouds
  • 7 string flowers
  • 1 waterdrops layer
  • 2 alphas (one lower- and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols, one lowercase letters only)


Here’s a better look at the papers:


The water alpha was created using Water Script by Yaqi Huang, you can download it from, and this tutorial:  How to create realistic mass waterdrops on a surface.  I then added a some sparkle to the hightlights with this one:  Create sparkle on any object!.  Both are for GIMP.  The waterdrop tutorial was also used to make the waterdrop layer (duh, right), some of the falling raindrops, the drops on the square frames, and the dragonflies.  The font used for the second alpha was Dream Orphanage Regular by Typodermic Fonts.  It and Romance Fatal Serif (created by Juan Casco), the font on the labels, can also be downloaded from

You can download this kit in pieces, convenient for dial-up, or in full.


16 thoughts on “Refreshed

  1. I had to read the post twice to make sure you were giving this kit away. It is beautiful and you are so gernerous to give it to us thank-you so much I know I can make some beautiful pages with this kit XXX


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