Mom’s Test Results

My sister and I took Mom to her doctor’s appointment yesterday to discuss the results of her blood work.  He says he likes where we’ve been keeping her blood sugar, so her insulin dosage will stay the same.  Her blood pressure is excellent, but her cholesterol levels, while much improved, still need some work.  There is, however, a problem with her kidneys.  They aren’t filtering the blood as efficiently as they should be.  He thinks this is a side effect of one of the medications she’s on.  Apparently, two of them can cause this.  Just to be sure it is a side effect, and not a pre-existing condition, he’ll check her hospital records.  If it turns out to have nothing to do with the meds, or very little, he’ll set her up with a nephrologist.  In the meantime, he took her off of one of those drugs, and we’ll see if that works.  If it’s the other medicine, we may have a problem because he says that’s the best one for diabetics with that particular problem, so changing it will be a challenge.  She has another lab appointment next month for yet more tests.  This time, however, she doesn’t have to fast.

After all of that, we spent the day in town, shopping.  Mostly, we were looking for shoes to fit my tiny feet.  I found a cute pair of boots at Target that were my size, but, alas, sandals that fit, and don’t look like they belong on a fifth grader, were not to be found.  We did, however, find Mom the recliner for which she’s been looking.  Now we just have to arrange for pick up, because the amount the store charges for delivery is ridiculous.  About half the cost of the chair, if you can believe it!


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