What if . . .?

It’s a tantalizing question, inspiring all kinds of speculation and dreams.  One of my favorite things about fiction is discovering the answers, and paths taken to get them, different people take.  I’ve recently stumbled upon another forum of possibilities.  Specifically, this forum:  Alternatehistory.com, and its Before 1900 discussions.  It’s an entertainment and a challenge, exploring different courses history may have taken if something did or did not happen.

What if …

  • Anne Boleyn had given birth to a son that September day in 1533?  Now Blooms the Tudor Rose, one of my favorite TLs (timelines), takes us there.
  • Charles V did not inherit Spain because his cousin, Miguel da Paz of Portugal survives?  This has many repercussions, not only for Spain, but for Charles’s domains in the Holy Roman Empire … and for Henry VIII’s divorce.  Intrigued?  Try reading The Prince of Peace.
  • Cleopatra and her son by Caesar, Ptolemy Caesarion, did not die following Egypt’s defeat at Actium.  After Actium:  Two Caears Are Not Enough not only goes there, but has Cleopatra causing all sorts of trouble from Asia Minor to Parthia.  Then there are the problems Caesarion’s very existence give Octavian.  And that’s just the beginning.

These are just examples, there’s much more maybes and mayhem going on.  It’s fun!  Yes, I know, I’m a nerd.  🙂


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