How long should a series last?

You fall in love with a series.  Either with the story or the characters.  Or even the world.  Avidly, you follow through upheaval, mayhem, and long fought for HEAs.  The whodunits and the who-the-hell-are-theys.

The Ghost for example.

Psy-ChangeI simply adore Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling novels.  June 4th can’t get here soon enough to give me my next fix.  And, in Heart of Obsidian, we’re supposed to learn who the Ghost is.  FINALLY!!!!  But, even after the big reveal, I still want to know more about the characters and their world.

  • How many kids are Mercy and Riley having?  And what will be they be?
  • Who will Kit end up with and when will he start his own pack?
  • Will Nikita ever break Silence and acknowledge Naya?
  • Vasic and Aden.  Are they or aren’t they?  Probably not, but I can hope.
  • What about Windhaven and RainFire?
  • Are Ben and Marley mates?
  • Who will Toby end up with?  Will he get a story some day?
  • What about the Forgotten?  How will it effect them and the ShadowNet when/if the PsyNet fails?

This series could go on for a long time without running out of material.  And possible spin-offs.

But when is enough simply enough?

Take Laura Adrian’s Midnight Breed series, for example.  I know many of you will disagree with me, but was it really necessary for her to continue the series?  I can’t say I really care about these characters, this world, after the rather abrupt, and unsatisfying, end to the previous story arc.

BDB_1-3Then, there’s the BDB.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I fell in love with series, and Wrath, the first time I read Dark Lover.  The world was interesting, the characters, and the plot, edgy.  Finally, a vampire series that wasn’t filled with angsty, emo, wannabe-human-again, vampires.  I was hooked.  Loved Rhage and Zsadist.  Then we got to Butch, who I really didn’t care about one way or the other, but the whole Dehstroyer thing was interesting.  I’ve never liked V, but the reveal about his mother kept me reading.  Phury, though.  I got to the point that I actually wished Z had let him die after that bit of stupidity.  Rehv, however, won me back.  The symphaths are wonderfully creepy.  Spine chilling, with this skin-crawling sensation creepy.  I wish they still featured prominently in the series, because, let’s face it, the lessers are becoming cartoonishly ridiculous.

BDB_Lover-at-LastFast forward the present, the much anticipated Lover at Last.  First, kudos to J. R. Ward and her publisher for finally having the guts to release an M/M romance in a mainstream series to a mainstream audience.  It certainly took long enough for someone to do it.  And, on the M/M front, let me just take a moment to question the absence of lube in this novel.  I know they’re vampires, and, therefore, heal quickly, but, still.

Lover at Last was both satisfying and not.  Qhuinn finally grows up and realizes he wants to, and can, be with Blay.  Being a series long member of Team Qhuay, I am ecstatic about this, and I want to know what happens to Saxton now.  The next book in the series is going to be The King.  Wrath and Beth will finally have an heir.  I’m so looking forward to that.  Mary and Rhage are supposed to get a novella, which I’m also eager to read.  But what about after that?  Trez and the Shadow Princess?  I’m intrigued by the Shadows, but Trez is an overgrown child having a tantrum because he can’t have his way.  Don’t want an arranged marriage.  Instead of just saying that, he protests by becoming a man-whore.  I can’t say I care about Trez, but I just might keep reading for the Iam and the Shadows.  Lassiter?  Okay, now you’ve got me.  I am curious about his female.  And his sister.  What happened to them?  The Band of Bastards?  Don’t care.  Assail and his cousins?  Care even less.

What series do you love and wish would go on forever?  And which ones do you wish would just end, already?


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